Today marks nineteen weeks with my little one!

Chip is super active, moving around A LOT, and is growing bigger and stronger everyday.

I felt him kick my hand for the first time last Friday, September 1st, at 7:30 in the morning, and what an incredible moment that was!

I had been up for hours at that point, and was still exhausted just from not being able to sleep, but as my husband got up to go to work he started talking to the baby. He was like, “go to sleep baby so mommy can go to sleep”, and at that moment, it was the first kick.

Ever since that day, the kicks have grown to be more noticeable and often, like our child is just checking everything out in his temporary home.

Not sure for all you other mommas out there, but I have noticed that my baby likes to stay mostly on the right side of my belly and does not venture over much; at least not yet. I will say, I think chip definitely has a favorite side.

Right now chip can flex all of his/her fingers and toes, and the little legs are growing rapidly.

The amount of growth and development that has happened in this short amount of time, and continues to double in the remaining time, completely amazes me.

We still struggle with morning sickness, but we can normally get over it fairly quickly after we eat some Belvita blueberry biscuits – which my husband introduced me to and they are amazing.

In just a couple more weeks we have an appointment to find out the gender! Although, we will wait till a gender reveal party for us to be surprised, and I am hoping to make that announcement live.

So here is to nineteen weeks and many more! Thanks for checking in on us and we plan to write you all again soon.


peyton marie & chip


ALSO, other mommas out there…. I need help! Did any of you struggle to sleep at night? It has been a week of barely any sleep, and I am exhausted. I just cannot seem to fall asleep and if I do, within two hours I am wide awake. If you have any advice or remedies that would help, I would LOVE to hear it, so please let me know! Thanks!!

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