I AM THIRTY-SEVEN WEEKS PREGNANT… Wow. It feels so surreal how fast this incredible journey has gone.

June first is when I found out we were expecting and now in less than a month we will get to meet our little one.

We now see a midwife every week for a check up and our little man seems to be doing great. Their guess is that he is around seven pounds now, and growing bigger every day, which means I am probably not going to have my small baby of seven pounds unless he chooses to come out sometime this week.

He is still very active, sticking his little booty out the front of my stomach and throwing his heels out to the sides of my stomach and behind my ribs – causing many of bruised ribs. But as long as he is moving, it is worth it and we are so thankful.

I have braxton hicks contractions quite often now, some being stronger than others, but they always come to a stop which then always slightly bums me out because I am so anxious to meet my little one.

I go into every day hoping today will be the day, but ultimately I know God is in control and we will meet our little one when it is time.

I ask that you continue to keep us in your prayers, praying specifically for strength (both physically and mentally), patience, and endurance. I know that however our labor process goes is in Gods will, but our plan is a natural birth.

We have had a few struggles these last couple of months with my iron levels going down way too low, putting us into the category of a high risk pregnancy at the birthing center we are attending. But with the help of a lot of prayers being lifted up and taking many different iron supplements – and extra every day, – we are now on the borderline for the lowest iron level that is accepted at this place, which was the goal and a huge blessing to have met.

Thank you all for checking up on us and please keep our baby in your prayers – that he is strong and healthy. Hopefully next blog I sit down to write will be to tell you he is here.

With so much love,


peyton marie


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  1. Jordyn Collie

    01/17/2018 at 11:25 am

    I CAN’T WAIT!!! Come on, little nephew!

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