Dear future husband,

I pray about you. A lot.

Obviously, not by name, because I’m not sure if I’ve met you yet. Yeah, there may be good men coming in & out of my life, but I don’t want my selfish ways to get in the way of the one God has for me.

My better half who is still out there, hopefully looking for me. 

I pray for the qualities I wish you to have…like patience with me, because at times I may be stubborn, forgiveness, because I know my past isn’t perfect, & perseverance because I can only imagine how tough times may bring for us. 

I also pray you’re caring, kind, compassionate, loving, big hearted, strong, & of course I still have my selfish wants of you being handsome, with gorgeous hair, a great smile, tall, tan (so our children have some hope)…

But last but most definitely not least, I pray you love Jesus. More than anything in this world. More than me.

I think about you- a lot.

Constantly throughout the day, especially here recently, I find myself thinking of you & how excited I am to do life with you. 

I hope you think about me.

I hope God is preparing you for me right now, because I may be hard to handle. I have issues- as most people do. I struggle with my image, self-worth, my past, my body, trust, and sometimes just feeling really low. 

But I love to be happy. I try to smile all the time. I think laughing is the best medicine. I love being around people, & I try to surround myself with like being people. 

I know I’m going to love you. I’m so excited to begin our journey, but I am not trying to rush it.

But I do think of you, & I think of you often. 

I do pray for you, & I pray for you more than myself.

I can only imagine what marriage is really like, but I hope you aren’t one to give up… I won’t quit. & you can’t either. I need you. & I pray you’ll need me too. 

With love, 

           peyton marie 

Written; November of 2015. 

two weeks before my now better half drove six hours to ask to court me. six months before we got engaged. and eleven months before we were married. 

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