Hi! I am so glad you found me! And I hope that means you checked out my last post… (because if you have not yet, you might want to!:) But I am so happy you came to check out my new website!

If you followed Jordyn and I on our previous shared blog (pjsday.com), you can see that I have worked very hard to move my old posts over to this one. We have said goodbye to that website though, so it is no longer an account that we run.

Why the change? Great question! Jordyn and I have decided now would be a perfect time to switch over to our own accounts, with new life adventures for Jordyn and a baby on the way for me.

So you can now find Jordyn at jordyncollie.com, and me, well here (of course:).

We enjoyed very much getting started through pj’s day, and are now very excited to share life with you all through our own sites.

Thank you so much for visiting my new website and I hope that you will come back! (Next article I am wanting to share will be about baby chip!) As for now, thanks again and be sure to subscribe if you do not want to miss a blog post! Love y’all!


peyton marie

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  1. Calyn

    12/06/2017 at 7:16 pm

    Best sister in law… I have!!

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