Halfway there.

Only twenty more weeks to go….

And that still has not quite settled in yet for me.

It seems it was just yesterday I was planning a picnic to surprise my hubby and tell him we were expecting our first child. Then slowly getting the word out to family and friends.

Now, my body has made quite the changes. I feel chip moving around pretty much constantly and just today I felt baby get the hiccups for the first time, which was adorable.

It is such a beautiful miracle.

A big gift from God in a little package. …tied with a bow or a bow tie? Haha, do not know yet… (:

My husband and I are eager to find out the gender of our little human. Boy or girl? Well, we know it is definitely one or the other. And the joy it brings us to know we will either be little boy parents or little girl parents excites us to no end.

Throughout my first trimester the thought of sweets sickened me. It has just been within the last two weeks that I have gotten my sweet tooth back.

I still LOVE spicy food and thankfully so far it seems the baby does too. (We almost ate through an ENTIRE JAR of sliced jalepenos earlier today.)

Our sleep situation is still a work in progress.

I have always been the person that sleeps on my belly with my arms thrown above my head under my pillow, and for some reason I cannot seem to sleep well any other way. As my belly gets bigger though, it makes it nearly impossible and therefore we toss and turn a lot at night.

Also, we still struggle with just sleeping an entire night.  I will fall asleep for about two hours, then I wake up still exhausted, but WIDE AWAKE and unable to fall back asleep. Until sometime around five in the morning that is.

But I am very hopeful that our two mile walks before bed will start to wear us out and make us sleep like babies. (Well babies that sleep all night that is…)

We have an appointment scheduled to find out the gender next week, but my husband and I are going to wait until the gender reveal to be surprised with the rest of our family.

If you have a guess as to what gender our little baby is, I would LOVE to hear it so feel free to leave a comment and I will definitely share with you all as soon as I know.

Thanks for reading to check on us and enjoy the fun pictures my husband took.

My kitten child, Arabella. decided she wanted to be held like a baby for a few of the pictures and what you cannot see is Groot, our other big kitty, was at the foot of most these pictures. Haha, so much animal love. And so much love to all.(:


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