From the start I LOVED the idea of having a gender reveal party.

 What a fun way to celebrate new life!

And that is just what we did.

For those that do not yet know……………

drum roll please…..


I am going to be a boy mom!

And my heart is overjoyed. 

On Tuesday, September 19th, we had the ultrasound and originally we were going to wait till October to do the reveal, but once we got in the car after the ultrasound we called my mom immediately and asked if this weekend was available for a party. Thankfully, it was.

We started our weekend Friday evening driving six hours back to my hometown to be with my family for the reveal. Of course, we wished my husbands family could have made it too, but they were able to be there with us watching through Facebook Live. (Very thankful for modern technology.) 

I had not visited my family since early July when I went up to surprise them with the news of me being pregnant, so being able to show back up for the gender reveal party with an actual baby bump was very special.

We drove in late on Friday night, and got to work early Saturday morning painting baby boo pumpkins that my mom grows on the flower farm every year. Since we did not know yet if it was a boy or a girl, (and we did not want to ruin the surprise,) we painted both soft pink and baby blue.

(A side note on the pumpkins – almost one year ago, for our wedding, my my mom brought down and decorated with the baby boo pumpkins for our wedding)

So having the pumpkins play such a big part in our reveal, meant a lot.

Around noon on Saturday we let my mom peek to see the gender of the baby, and her reaction was incredible. Since it was a pink and blue party, she picked out her outfit for Sunday before she opened the envelope so we would know what she was wearing and not have to wonder if her wearing blue meant it was going to be a boy. And just trying to guess off of her reaction was impossible. She gave no hints.

On Sunday morning, we woke and attempted going to my home church for worship but the morning sickness and dizziness took over. We then enjoyed just a relaxed morning of spending time at home before our immediate family arrived shortly after.

If you have not watched the video yet, you can click here.

The setup was beautiful and so were the decorations, all of which we made at my moms home.

As we walked down to find out the gender, my husband and I could barely contain our excitement of just being ready to know.

We were informed that when we walked around to look for what color baby boo pumpkin sat in the larger pumpkin that was carved into a heart.

As we turned that corner, we saw blue. IT WAS BLUE.

Such an amazing moment. 

My husband immediately starting jumping up and down going to lift up his shirt, because he wrote boy on his stomach; all the while that was his guess, that it was a boy.

Of course, neither of us cared what the gender was, we just pray for a healthy baby.

I stood there crying happy tears as it really hit me how our family of just us two, is very soon to be three with my boys and I. 

What a thought that is. My boys, and I. My heart is so full. 

Coming up on twenty-two weeks, I thank God every day for this tiny miracle and what a blessing it is.

Chip, we are beyond excited to meet you and we are so thankful God chose us to be your parents. We only have four more months with it being just me and you, so keep growing in love and strength and we will welcome you with open arms when the day comes. You are already so loved.


peyton marie

(and enjoy the party picture overload…:)


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