Sunday, October 1st, marked one year since my husband, Branson, and I said our “I do’s”.

Isn’t that crazy?! A whole year has passed since one of the best days of my life.

From building our home to moving into it, to now expecting our first child within the next four months, I would definitely say this last year has flown by.

Today I wanted to take time share my wedding with you all and just a few little things I have learned throughout this short time of the rest of our lives, so here it goes…

We had a beautiful wedding on my husbands family ranch; it was the wedding I dreamed of since childhood.

We got to share our special day with so many loved ones around us, friends and family, and boy did we party.

The weather was absolutely perfect, THANK GOODNESS; because being in Texas you never know what you are going to get….

The colors were astonishing, with beautiful fall flower bouquets and baby boo pumpkins decorated on every table.

And our cakes… OH MY. Our cakes were amazing.

We had the reception in the hanger and the dance floor was alluring with all the lights we hung the week before.

And big shoutout to our awesome DJ/my brother-in-law, Jensen, who kept the jams jamming and party floor dancing.

It was like a dream.

And here we are now.

A year later, with so many more moments shared and memories made.

But marriage is not all fun and games. Marriage is work. And love is an action. It is a daily choice. But as my husband says, “at the end of the day, it is all worth it.” 

We both feel it is important to keep God first and someone once described it as this; a pyramid. When we keep God first, He is the top center, and Branson and I are the bottom two points. As we keep walking in Him, we grow to be even closer.

He brings us closer.

But we are still human and we will still have “those times”.

So, enjoy the good times. Do not dwell on the bad. Arguments over small nothings are going to happen. It is how you handle them afterwards that determines the kind of relationship you have and its strength. Do not let anything/anyone get between the two of you and the love you share.

Never go to bed mad, hurt, or upset. Talk it out. Being able to talk to your spouse is EVERYTHING.

Patience is a virtue.ever heard that before? I am sure you have. But incase you have not, or maybe you are not exactly sure what that means, EnglishClub defines it as this; “The ability to wait for something without getting angry or upset….” Patience is HUGE when dealing with any person, but especially your other half.

Having my person to share life’s joys and sorrows with has been one of the greatest blessings for me.

To this day I sometimes struggle with just having a sad day, and I am so thankful to have such a husband who cares so much about me that he just wants to know what is going on inside this crazy head of mine and talk it over with me. He “makes me happy, when skies are grey.”

Last but not least, the best way I can describe husband and wife, is like a mirror. When I am happy, he is happy. When I am grumpy, he is grumpy. We are two completely different people who are still literally one in the same and our attitudes and actions have a lot to do with mirroring the other person.

When we said our vows they were just words. Meaningful, hopeful words made with commitment, but still words. This last year, has been actions. It has been actual real life moments of us living out our vows and I am so thankful for that.

So here is to one year with my best friend! And praying for many more.


peyton marie

Enjoy some of our fun wedding pictures, and be sure to check out our wedding video below! (and subscribe for future blogs!:)



“Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity.” 1 Timothy 4:12

my girls and I…

a big thanks to my momma for bringing her favorite wooden boxes, making the bouquets and setting up so many beautiful decorations

hanger lights

side note; we talked the entire time of our first dance and to this day neither of us can remember what about… haha(:

time to PAAR-TAYY

our beautiful wedding cake made special by my great grandmother…

and a huge thank you to Mr. Lenny for making our wedding magical by fulfilling one of our mutual loves, ice cream, with his ice cream truck!

note to self…bird seed goes everywhere and still kinda hurts more than it should.

love; 10/01/16.


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