Hey everyone! Sorry it seems like it has been FOREVER since my last post, but really it has only been a couple weeks longer than I wanted it to be.

My husband and I have had SUPER BUSY weeks working until dark with our Lawn Care and Landscaping company, and I just recently started helping a homeschooling family in town a couple hours a day during the week; which is super fun. But I hope to share more about the big Landscaping job we have been working on in a future blog, soon.

We are also twenty-six weeks along now, and thankfully everything is going great. The comparison to the size of my baby according to my app is a coconut… but he is about fourteen inches long and weighs nearly two pounds, so I am not really sure how I feel about that comparison.

As for this last weekend though, on Saturday I finally made it back to my old job for an evening, The Back Porch; an incredible place to go eat if you have not been. Because of the pregnancy, the last few times I went in to work I happened to blackout so they have been super kind and understanding to let me have some time off, so it was great to be back, see everyone, and be able to help out.

On Sunday, it was fun day. We finished our day off by going to watch my husband’s brother, Jensen Collie, perform at the Freiheit Country Store in New Braunfels. SO MUCH FUN. Jensen traveled to town for the weekend from Nashville to have a sponsorship appreciation concert.

We had an absolute blast. Jensen did an incredible job and we all just celebrated his new songs and the work of his EP album; all of which I am sure you can have access to soon.

So I hope you all are having a great week and enjoy some cool shots of Jensen that I got, and that selfie with my love.(:


peyton marie

my handsome date & I…(:

& a family picture after the concert. (:






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