A couple weeks ago, my hubby and I decided to take off one afternoon and head to SeaWorld to enjoy their Shamu’s Rockin Halloween Show.

A HUGE fun fact about me is that I absolutely LOVE dolphins and whales. But especially dolphins.

One year ago around this time, my husband surprised me with SeaWorld season passes because I had never gone and he knew how much I would love it.  –This all happened shortly after we got back from our honeymoon, while on that he had surprised me with my late birthday gift – getting to swim with dolphins in Mexico. I cried. It was one of my top most memorable and favorite experiences ever. 

Now, back to SeaWorld…. So we took off one afternoon to enjoy some shows and had an absolute blast.

During October they have their halloween shows, and like a fright fest – that of which I am not a huge fan of, being a scaredy cat, pregnant, and all – which goes on after dark.

The Shamu Rockin’ Show was absolutely amazing. The whales put on about a thirty minute show to all kinds of cool, good oldies’ while Jack narrates the story. Between the lights, the music, and the story, the whales do this incredible show and it just amazes how smart they really are. The bond the whales have with their trainers and how well they listen and react to every command is just beautiful.

Needless to say, if you have not been to SeaWorld you need to go. I love it.

But there is really not much more I can say about how awesome it is, so just enjoy these fun pictures I got, and remember to be sure to go check it out one day for yourself!


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