Last weekend was a blast.

All of my in-laws, Corbin and I loaded up late Saturday night on the old Merle Haggard’s “Santa Fe Super Cheif” tour bus and headed out for Nashville, Tennessee. Nashville, Tennessee because Jensen was GETTING MARRIED! Yes, super awesome and to such a sweet, beautiful bride.

We arrived to Nashville just an hour before the wedding was to start, but no worries they would not have started without us because we were bringing the officiant for the wedding, my hubby’s father.

The wedding was beautiful with a sweet ceremony and yummy food afterwards.

The next morning we loaded up back on the bus, all sixteen of us, and started our journey home.

On our way back through we stopped by to see my side of the family, most of whom had not yet met Corbin Bruner. We had a wonderful visit with more yummy food, lots of warm hugs, and a few tears for once we had to leave.

It was a wonderful road trip and Corbin did GREAT on the road. Basically slept the whole trip.

Hope you enjoy some of the pictures from our fun weekend.


peyton marie

Corbin doing school on the bus.

Snuggling in our bunk.

Wedding time!

We made it to Nonni’s!

Baby talk.

Corbin meeting his great grandparents, Granny and Grandpa.

Corbin with his great, great grandmother, MawMaw, and his great grandmother, Nana.

Corbin with Nonni.

Pictured below with Corbin and I is Corbin’s Aunt Cassidy, Nonni, Uncle Preston (whom he met for the first time), and daddy.

Family photo with both sides of Corbin’s family… so much love wrapped up in one photo.

and the one picture we got with Corbin in front of Merle Haggard’s old bus…


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