My little love is now three months old! Time is flying by.

He is now into any and all things with color and has just started grabbing onto a little rattler, trying to shove it into his mouth. Also, he can shove his whole fist into his mouth, which is quite impressive if you have never tried it.

He has the sweetest little laugh that melts my heart every time he does it.

We still read books together, and I am hoping to share some of our favorites on a future blog post.

He coos a lot now, just talking and talking up a storm, and will read along with me through the book.

Corbin continues to love his bath time, kicking his little long legs in the water constantly, and he now weighs a little over twelve pounds.

He does wonderful in the car, normally falls fast asleep as soon as the vehicle starts moving. If he is awake while we are on the road we can turn up the music just a little and he will start singing along with whatever song is on with all his cute little coos.

Within this last month and a half, Corbin has started to grab onto his blankets and just hold them close to his face, which is adorable. He no longer will just take a pacifier, unless he is sleepy. He has one magic song, (that is what I call it,) that can put him straight to sleep, and it is “This Is Me” by Keala Settle from The Greatest Showman. I guess it is just because when he was a little over a week old I discovered that song and it was one that just stuck with him. So when he gets tired I give him his paci, his binky (which is the blanket for us), and start singing to him and within minutes he is out.

Our sleep schedule has gotten much more consistent than the first couple of weeks. He falls asleep around nine and will wake up for a twelve o’clock feeding and then go right back to sleep and sleep until anytime between six to eight in the morning. It is wonderful.

We are forever thankful for our sweet, happy little boy who continues to fill our life with such joy.


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