Super blessed to have celebrated my first Mother’s Day with my little family yesterday.

My husband, son, and I traveled back to northeast Texas for the weekend to congratulate my sister on graduating college, and enjoy visiting with both sids of my family.

I, of course, was thrilled to have gained a holiday, and not just any holiday but a holiday that is celebrated because we have been blessed by adding the cutest little member to our family.

Before I became a mom I had always been told of wonderful it is, but words cannot even explain how wonderful being a mom truly is.

The whole week (plus some days) after my son was born I cried. Not from depression or baby blues, thankfully, but from overwhelming joy. The love I felt for a little person that I just met was surreal. My heart had never felt so full and complete.

I love you so much Corbin Bruner, and I am forever thankful to be your mom. There is no one else in the world that I would rather be peed on, spit up on, and pooped on (all in a twenty-four period) than by you.

And Happy Mother’s Day to all the other mommas out there! You deserve this holiday.


peyton marie

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