Corbin Bruner is officially seven months old.

My baby is now sitting up on his own, pulling up to standing on anything he can find, and he will walk it if he is holding onto the side of the crib or pack n play.

I am not exactly sure what he weighs but he was fifteen pounds at his six month check up so my guess is he would be somewhere between sixteen to seventeen pounds.

He is enjoying a lot more of new kinds of food and so far we have not had one food item that he does not like. Although, we did find out that after going to some new veggies and bananas, Corbin wasn’t such a big fan of avocado anymore, my assumption is that it is just too plain and it needs some salt so he will love it in the future.

Corbin started with avocados, then went to sweet peas, squash, zucchini, bananas, and sweet potato. We still use and LOVE our baby bullet and we our very thankful to be saving money by feeding him this way. I also just personally love making his little meals and it does make me happy to know what exactly is in his food and so far it has just been fresh fruits and veggies. And rice cereal for dinner.

We have a later night schedule at the moment, due to our work schedule, but it has been working very well. Corbin has been such a good boy coming to work with me at our family owned and operated pizza restaurant on week days, which normally then puts us at home around 8:30 and then I bathe him and breastfeed him one more time before putting him in his bed for the night. He still wakes up anytime between five to seven in the morning for a feeding but goes right back down to sleep for another couple of hours after it.

He will now wave, occasionally, and give high fives. He says “momma” and “da da” and “na na na na”, etc. – really he is quite the talker at times. But what melts my heart is anytime music comes on or people start singing – especially his Aunt Bergyn – he starts singing along with them. Not the actual words, but the most adorable of sounds. Seriously melts my heart.

Being a mom and watching all his small but huge accomplishments is the absolute greatest blessing ever. Our God is so good. And I am forever thankful.


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